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Sensor network solutions

We are working to keep risks under control

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Crop and yield monitoring systems

We provide solutions for agricultural farmers to make good decisions

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Precision research devices

Supply the instruments that researchers can rely ons

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Road Weather Information Systems

We help to ensure safe road operation in all conditions

We keep the processes under control

Any system that our clients build to achieve their goals can only work well if the right information is available at the right time.
We work to ensure that our solutions make this information available to our customers at the optimal time, so they can make decisions with the lowest possible risk.

Our proprietary solutions

Design and manufacture of low power wireless sensors and data loggers. Development and operation of firmware, databases, evaluation and visualisation systems designed for cloud computing.

Production monitoring system

Intelligent irrigation, nutrient management and crop protection

AgroSense is changing the technology of growing! It combines precise soil measurement, the observation of plant status, insect presence and control of irrigation with the latest scientific evidence on nutrient and pest management.

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Crop monitoring system

Monitoring of optimum ripening time to achieve the highest yields

The aim of the SweetVeg project is to increase the yield and quality of sweet corn and tomatoes. The solution helps optimize nutrient uptake, irrigation, and harvest time for key quality attributes for sweet corn and tomatoes.

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Instruments we distribute

Purchase, installation and maintenance of sensors, measuring instruments, measuring systems for producers, manufacturers, road operators, educational institutions, research institutes